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Vivacity Health
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Vivacity Intensive

The Vivacity Intensive programme runs over 3 days and incorporates elements from all of the 6 workshops together with some deeper more challenging therapeutic exercises to really explore and understand participant’s issues around food and eating.

With the added benefit of the residential learning environment, Vivacity Intensive immerses you in the world of both psychological (Head) and physical (Body) health, encouraging real and lasting behaviour change.

The Vivacity Intensive ‘Head’ workshops - relationships and your waistline, food, why, what and when and how to achieve healthy behaviours - concentrate on setting new goals and starting to unravel the unhealthy patterns from your past and learning different ways to cope with negative situations.

Vivacity Intensive ‘Body’ workshops – healthy eating made simple, excess body-fat, the inside story, and population weight gain, why now? - are concerned with learning about food from a nutrition perspective and examine why exercise is beneficial for much more than weight loss alone. Making improved health the goal, rather than just weight loss.

With the benefit of over 20 years as a fitness instructor Lesley offers participants the chance to work-out with her in the hotel’s luxury gym where, each day, there is a chance to learn about different types of exercise and how to progress a training plan to see real benefits.

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