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5. Self-esteem and assertiveness

How assertive are you?

Do you ever find yourself saying yes, when you really mean no? Do you often think, ‘I may as well do it myself?’ Or reach for food/drink when you are feeling overwhelmed by a problem? These are unhealthy behaviours that we use when we discount our ability to do something different.

By understanding these behaviours we can begin to find ways to deal with the feelings we have when faced with being assertive.

On this workshop we explore the concepts of self-esteem and assertiveness and how our repetitive negative behaviours.

Using the concept of ‘Passive Behaviours’ we demonstrate how information relevant to solving a problem can easily be ignored. We also use Psychiatrist Dr Eric Berne’s theory of ‘Life Positions’ to explore the concept of ‘OK-ness’ – how to ask for one’s needs to be met and say no to others.

Passive behaviours

Passive behaviours are non-problem solving ways we use to release emotional tension and distress when we find ourselves faced with a problem or situation that we cannot solve.

Life Positions

Life Positions: This is when we use our basic beliefs about the world, others and ourselves to justify our behaviours and choices.

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