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1. Relationships and your waistline

Have you ever asked someone "does my bum look big in this?” Or joked "I have a barrel not a six-pack.” What happens next?

Does the person you are talking to, say "No no, you look great”… if so, do you believe them? Or do you think "they’re just saying that to be nice?”

How you feel at the end of this type of conversation has a direct impact on your mood and how you behave which then invites you to eat that cake, or skip the gym.

On this workshop we learn how to spot when we are getting hooked into one of these unhealthy interactions and you will learn how to avoid them.

Learning how to avoid unhealthy interactions and the negative affect this can have on our eating pattern, gives us the tools to raise our self-esteem and improve overall relations.  Improved self-esteem equals greater confidence and assertiveness, leading to better communication and conflict resolution skills.

The core purpose of understanding modes is to discern and respond appropriately to the moods, temperaments, and motivations of both self and others. To empower the individual to interact more effectively for a positive healthy outcome.

During our lives we all learn very clever ways to get our physical and psychological needs met.  These patterns of behaviour are then used throughout our lives as we interact with others.

In Transactional Analysis one of these behaviour patterns are called Games

In this workshop we will be finding out about these behaviours and how they are playing a part in our overeating.  Using the drama triangle we explore how to identify our destructive patterns and then implement healthier behaviours.

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