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6. Population weight gain, why now?

With all the latest food technology, modern gyms and easy access to information about diet and exercise – you would think losing weight would be getting easier!

So why does it feel harder? 

Do you find yourself standing in the supermarket scratching your head as you peer at the tiny print on food packaging and rapidly lose the will to live?......RDA’s, GDA’s, Traffic light system, low fat, Light/lite, saturated fat kills you, sugar is evil......with the constantly shifting guidelines on what you should and should not eat, is it any wonder we are all so confused?

During this workshop we take a brief trip down memory lane to discover exactly why losing weight is becoming increasingly difficult. We also learn just what food manufacturers can and can’t claim, how to read a food label to make better choices and look at some popular high street restaurant menus to see how to eat more healthily while dining out. 


Simply knowing that this Costa egg mayonnaise sandwich has 86 less calories than the chicken fajita wrap. Allows us to make better choices.

Knowledge is power….knowing what is in the foods you choose, opens your eyes to where you might be over consuming….this can then encourage weight loss.

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