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2. Healthy eating made simple

Are diet crazes driving you crazy?

Weight Watchers, Slimming World, 5:2 diet, the Paleo diet....just what exactly are we supposed to eat? Want to learn once and for all what food is good for you and what is not?

During this workshop we use the Eat-well Plate’ to analyse the foods you are currently eating and come up with some simple steps to take to create a healthier diet.

By the end of the day you will have a greater understanding of food and have created your own healthy eating plan.

Dieting the simple truth.

Dieting makes food an enemy, not a source of sustenance. So-called yo-yo dieting—losing weight, putting it back on, losing it again and so on—is bad for your health. If you suddenly reduce your food intake, your body, because it is designed for survival, will slow down your metabolic rate in order to store energy more efficiently. This is why people on a diet crave snacks like chocolate, which gives a quick boost to their energy levels, and why weight loss slows down dramatically after the first couple of weeks.

Weight lost in the early weeks of crash dieting is not, as many people believe, made up mostly of unwanted fat. First you lose those carbohydrates stored in the muscles and liver as glycogen. This is why you feel tired on such a diet and have less strength for your daily activities. Then you will lose a lot of water, which may make you feel less bloated and appear slimmer, when in fact you are still carrying the same amount of fat on your body.

The ‘Eat-well Plate’

The‘Eat-well Plate’ simplifies food choices. This simple visual guide enables a healthy plan to be followed more easily. Cutting out over-processed foods can reduce cravings, mood swings and headaches. Leading to a more balanced view of eating.

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