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4. Excess bodyfat, the inside story

How much knowledge do we really have about the consequences of extra body fat? 

For many of us, the extra body fat is merely a nuisance or an eyesore. We learn not to look in mirrors or refuse to be in photographs as a way of avoiding the impact our size has on us.

Many wish that doctor’s and the media would stop going on about weight gain and body size. They don’t like how they look, or they don’t fit in with the current fashion of impossibly thin celebrities, they’re stigmatised for their size and can’t shop in mainstream shops? These are the physical consequences they live with daily, but is that all it is?

During this workshop we take a look inside our bodies to discover why we should be concerned about excess body fat and the actual toll it is taking on our system.

Armed with this new knowledge we then look at ways to counteract the damage. It’s not just a matter of losing weight. Exercise has so many other benefits as long as you find the right one for you. 

Fat Distribution

One of the more stark features of obesity is the impact that it has on the body’s metabolic functions.  High levels of fat around the stomach, sometimes referred to as being apple shaped poses the greatest threat, producing significantly high health consequences. 

Why is exercise so important?

So it helps you lose weight, that’s a given and weight loss helps prevent many diseases but why is exercise so important and what else does it do?

To start with, weight lost through exercise tends to come from the adipocyte stores in the abdominal cavity first, so all those nasty side effects of carrying abdominal fat begin to reduce really quickly.  Also weight loss induced by exercise will resist the natural reduction in resting metabolic rate that calorie restriction causes. And once you get fit and can exercise at a high intensity your resting metabolic rate will stay elevated for several hours after each training session so even more calories are burnt. 

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