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FAQ's about Vivacity Workshops

Q1. How is Vivacity different to other weight loss programmes?

Vivacity is all about healthy, long-term behaviour changes. We do not weigh you or recommend some new fad diet. We share our expertise and experience to inform, encourage and guide you to make new healthier choices. 

Q2. Why do we need to do the psychological workshops?

The weight of the nation is increasing all the time and in spite of all the different diets on the market people just seem to be getting larger. Research confirms an extensively discussed fact that dieting is actually utterly pointless as statistics show that fewer than 10% who go on a diet and lose weight, will regain the weight and return to their original size or even get larger and many do this within a year. It is now believed that being overweight is as much an emotional issue/problem as a physical one. So by finding and understanding your own personal emotional cause and confronting it, you have a far greater chance of making lasting behaviour changes that lead to a healthier life.

Q3. What is the goal of the Vivacity programme?

To inform about the true consequences of being overweight and eating unhealthy foods and encourage positive behaviour change. For people to be eating and exercising in healthy ways not because they have to or ought to, but because they want to and enjoy this new way of being. So that food is no longer the 'enemy' and 'crash diets' are a thing of the past.

Q4. Do I need to do all 6 workshops?

No each of the workshops stand totally alone and do not need to be taken together or in any particular sequence. However to fully understand yourself and your relationship with the subject we would recommend that you attend all 6 if possible as you will then have a toolbox of strategies to help you.

Q5. Will I be weighed?

No, we are not a weight loss company. We are here to help you understand yourself, your body and why you might have an unhealthy relationship with food, eating and not exercising.

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