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1. Relationships and your waistline

There are many ways to develop a more productive, emotionally and physically healthy workforce and our workshop is a good start point.

How other people react to, and interact with, individuals can be key to everything from their temperament, to their behaviour, motivation, productivity and self-esteem. And that’s just the beginning of a gamut of emotions and responses that directly affect health, well-being and performance in the workplace.

Vivacity’s Workshop 1 shows staff how to avoid unhealthy interactions and the negative affect this can have on our eating patterns. We provide tools that demonstrate how to boost self-esteem, enjoy greater confidence and assertiveness, and develop improved communication and conflict resolution skills – all important things in the workplace.

The tools we employ include modes, games and the drama triangle.

We begin the learning experience with modes. These explain key aspects of social behaviours and, once understood, empower individuals to interact with others more effectively. This ensures positive, healthy results.

During our lives we all learn very clever ways to get our physical and psychological needs met.  These patterns of behaviour are then used throughout our lives as we interact with others.

In Transactional Analysis one of these behaviour patterns are called Games

By exploring Karpman’s drama triangle we show how to recognise such destructive patterns and teach ways to replace them with mentally and physically healthier behaviour.

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