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6. Population weight gain, why now?

Obesity is at crisis point in the UK amongst young and old alike.

No amount of new food technology, modern gyms or easy access to diet and exercise information has made any significant impact. It’s clearly important to find ways to control obesity and promote wellness in the workplace.

Today employers and staff equally benefit from Vivacity’s professional workshops in weight loss education. Falling productivity, rising absenteeism and higher employee insurance costs can be curbed. Insights into healthy eating, calorie control and exercise options lead to informed, healthier staff, able to shed unwanted pounds.

Diet…dos and don’ts

Our workshop talks about yo-yo diets, food crazes, stress at home and at work, explaining why losing weight is becoming harder and harder for individuals. We then provide workable, straightforward solutions.

We explore how to read food labels to make better choices, what food manufacturers can and cannot claim, and how to choose healthier options from restaurant menus.

Armed with this knowledge it’s possible to lower calorie intake without dieting per se and avoid the risks of processed food, like increased tiredness, lack of concentration and decreased motivation. Reasons to be cheerful indeed.

Knowledge is power. For instance, we demonstrate the benefits of making more informed food choices – learning what’s actually in what we eat, dismissing what advertising or misleading packaging may say.

Simply knowing that this Costa latte has 267 less calories than this Costa berry surprise cooler. Allows us to make better choices.

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