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2. Healthy eating made simple

Healthyweight loss made simple.

Diet crazes come and go, some work and many don’t. Basically, calories + exercise = weight lost or gained.

Our workshop uses the ‘Eat-well Plate’ to analyse the foods participants currently eat. A simple visual guide offers a healthy plan that can be followed easily. It shows how cutting out over-processed food can reduce cravings, mood swings and headaches, making individuals more productive.

Dieting makes food an enemy.

This is not only senseless, it’s potentially very harmful to health. The human body is designed for survival. Suddenly reducing food intake sends alarm bells around the body’s systems, causing a slow-down in metabolic rate. The body’s desperate to store energy more efficiently, causing cravings for sugary snacks that quickly boost energy levels.  After few weeks of dieting weight loss slows dramatically.

Crash and burn

Crash diets are particularly bad news. They result in the loss of carbohydrates that muscles and livers store as glycogen. Without glycogen, the result is tiredness, lack of concentration and loss of motivation as muscle mass deteriorates. Water loss is another by product of a crash diet which may cause dehydration and lethargy.

The ‘Eat-well Plate’

The ‘Eat-well Plate’ simplifies food choices. Lunch-hour time restraints and ‘diet’ confusion leads to frustration and poor choices. A simple visual guide enables a healthy plan to be followed more easily. Cutting out over-processed foods can reduce cravings, mood swings and headaches. Leading to a more productive workforce.

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