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3. Food, why, what and when

Poor eating habits are bad for employees and the business.

The triggers that make individuals reach for food are almost infinite in their variety but, once identified, and known, people gain control over why, what and when they eat.

Our workshop uncovers the eating patterns that are unhelpful and creates personalised action plans for your staff to help them change their eating habits. We employ entertaining visual exercises to help people better understand why it’s a struggle to lose weight. Such knowledge gives one the power to change, to eat more healthily.

The workshop also helps your staff differentiate between physical and psychological hunger. Psychological hunger falls into seven categories: contact, sex/passion, recognition, leadership, stimulus, incident and structure. When food is used to attempt to fulfil these hungers there is a real risk of overeating and drinking or becoming socially isolated and depressed.

Having recognised where food is being used to meet psychological hungers, we look more deeply into the reasons for such behaviour using what is known as stroke theory. Once learning where good and bad habits come from they’re infinitely easier to deal with, and control.

Psychological Hunger

Just like you need food and water to survive physically and be healthy, you need to fulfil the Seven Psychological Hungers in order to feel emotionally satisfied and healthy.  These Hungers are your most important psychological needs. Physical and mental health depends on having these needs met. Your Central Nervous System must have these satisfied to "survive” emotionally or you will feel depressed, and may even develop a physical illness. Also, you may feel desperate, inadequate, have low self-esteem, and generally feel not OK. It is a feeling of emotional starvation.


'Strokes' are the recognition, attention or responsiveness that one person gives another. Strokes can be positive (compliments or praise) or negative (insults and abuse). A key idea is that people hunger for recognition, and that lacking positive strokes, will seek whatever kind of recognition they can get, even if it is recognition of a negative kind.

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