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4. Excess bodyfat, the inside story

Our workshop looks inside the body to reveal the need for concern about excess body fat, revealing the toll it takes on our systems.

Depression, bad backs, high blood pressure, diabetes, the risk of stroke, frequent doctor appointments and general ill health - many workshop participants are deeply shocked by the potential dangers of those excess pounds.

The workshop would be wrong to spell out the dangers without providing ways to counteract the damage, including how to incorporate regular exercise and make better life choices. Our programme puts participants on the path to a healthier future, mentally as well as physically. The results are clearly visible – less uptight loved ones in the home, more cheerful and productive employees in the workplace.

The benefits of the Vivacity workshop are just what the doctor – and company accountant – ordered.

Raised blood pressure or hypertension.

Obesity multiplies the risk of developing hypertension about fourfold in men and threefold in women.

This is an image of a heart after a fatal heart attack. 

Metastatic fat is the only fat that is supposed to be around the heart. It acts as a shock absorber when the right ventricle slams shut to pump the heart but it isn’t supposed to be quite this thick.

Most people think that the heart is stressed by carrying the extra load associated with obesity but it is in fact the fat inside the chest cavity excreting toxins that damage the heart. 

As you can see from this image of a heart after a fatal heart attack there is a significant amount of fat built up all around and leeching inside the heart itself.

How does aerobic exercise help prevent heart disease?

Your heart is like any other muscle in your body. It gets weak when it is not stressed. Aerobic activities stress the heart muscle just like lifting weights stresses the skeletal muscle, causing it to lay down actin and myosin protein filaments. This creates a stronger muscle, allowing it to beat slower with much stronger contractions, pumping more blood with each beat. This reduces general wear and tear from a weak muscle having to cope under extreme over use.

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