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Vivacity Health
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About Us

Vivacity Health is the brainchild of Lesley Snowdon and Colleen Willoughby. Originally called ‘Tried every diet?’ or TED for short, Lesley and Colleen ran coaching programmes to groups of individuals both privately and at a local NHS GP Surgery, a little bit like the standard weekly ‘diet classes’ without the weigh-ins or the guilt and a lot more emphasis on the psychological aspect of eating and body issues.

They also run - as part of their own psychotherapy practice – one-to-one TED counselling sessions for individuals who may require a more in-depth approach to their issues around body size.

These experiences together with Lesley’s knowledge from years working in the fitness industry have helped them to hone the Vivacity work-based workshops into a successful blend of:-

  • Introspective exercises, designed to open up one’s ability to change a negative behaviour.
  • Externally focused information, designed to increase knowledge and understanding of how the body works, which foods are healthy and how to exercise effectively.

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