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Vivacity Health
healthy change = stronger business

Vivacity exists to help everyone step up to a healthier, more productive way of life.


Devised so both employers and employees benefit in every aspect.
A healthy change equals a stronger business isn’t just our strapline, it’s our philosophy. 

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‘Vivacity’ make battling obesity our No 1 priority with a first-class health and wellbeing program that your staff will enjoy. It fuses the most up-to-date knowledge from the health and fitness industry with psychological insights from the Transactional Analysis theory of personality.


"Lesley, I thought I'd write to thank you for TED (now Vivacity), which I consider to be a fantastic programme of education - an education about self awareness, food and exercise. I've lost weight, feel healthier and I'm fitter than I've been in years. "
Chris Jones - Development Director |

Through simple, tried and tested methods we focus on changing people’s attitude to food, specialising in group sessions and one-on-one consultancy to benefit business owners/managers and individuals.

I’m an employer

I’m an employer

And I’m looking to build a healthy, more productive workforce 

I’m an employer

I’m an Individual

I’m an individual 

And I’m looking for a healthy, more productive lifestyle

I’m an Individual

A wealth of experience – 
from the best in the business

About Lesley

Lesley Snowdon

Passionate about a holistic approach to health and fitness, Lesley uses her skills as a qualified personal trainer and psychotherapist to create and deliver the Vivacity training programme.   

About Lesley

About Colleen

Colleen Willoughby 

Enthusiastic and driven, Colleen brings a wealth of experience to the Vivacity health and wellbeing workshops, embracing everyday as an opportunity to share her knowledge. 

About Colleen

Choose from six innovative interactive 1/2-day workshops 
that educate your employees about how to develop a healthy lifestyle. 
Banishing the diet binge cycle for good and creating a better quality of life.

  • 1
    Relationships and your waistline
  • 2
    Healthy eating made simple
  • 3
    Food, why, what and when
  • 4
    Excess bodyfat, the inside story
  • 5
    Self-esteem and assertiveness
  • 6
    Population weight gain, why now?

1. Relationships and your waistline

Self-talk and the consequences of listening 

How to avoid unhealthy interactions and the negative affect this can have on our behaviour.


1. Relationships and your waistline1. Relationships and your waistline

 2. Healthy eating made simple
Food for thought

This workshop explores healthy eating, understanding food groups and works to dispel the dieting myths.

2. Healthy eating made simple2. Healthy eating made simple

 3.  Food, why, what and when
Diets make you fat! 

Are you hungry? Are you sure?
This workshop explores the concept of willpower and why we never seem to have enough of it.

3. Food, why, what and when3. Food, why, what and when

 4. Excess bodyfat, the inside story.

Taking the weight off your mind

Body fat...from the outside in.  
It's not just about an unloved reflection in the mirror.

4. Excess bodyfat, the inside story4. Excess bodyfat, the inside story

 5. Self-esteem and assertiveness

I'm OK, you're OK, we're OK

On this workshop we look at how to achieve healthy behaviours in relation to self and others and how saying no can be a positive experience.

5. Self-esteem and assertiveness5. Self-esteem and assertiveness

 6. Population weight gain, why now?

Food…the hidden truth

This workshop demystifies food labels and explores the ever changing value of a calorie.

6. Population weight gain, why now?6. Population weight gain, why now?

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